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Technology is as dynamic and complex as ever. While this allows you to connect with your audience with precision, it also leaves the possibility of not utilizing the maximum potential of the digital world.

NGXN Consulting

A Dallas based firm, with a global mindset

NXGN has worked with various clients from small businesses to global entities, but the one thing we have in common is maximizing efficiency while staying cost effective. Our mindset is to properly educate our customers on services that fit their needs, while also ensuring that the model is scalable to ease the transition to a global scale. While we are a consulting firm, we are your clients too!

The NXGN Team

Our combined skillset ensure that you are well covered in all facets of technology

Dash Kita
CEO and Founder of NXGN
With over 14 years of experience in Information Technology, Dash is well versed in Web Design, Scripting, Automation, Security, Mobile App Development, and various other skills

Dash Kita

Dash has been working in the IT Industry for over 14 years and has worked with several companies such as, HKS architects, PlainsCapital Bank, Dell, Vertiv, Caliber Home Loans, and many more.

His skill set ranges from Website design, to Mobile Application Development, to Videography and much more.


NXGN offers competitive pricing, and knowledgeable insight in today's IT world. Competitors only want compensation, but at NXGN, our philosophy is the more Successful you are, the more Growth we can offer. We truly believe in your company's success and are a partner in your success!


Our skillset enables efficient implementation, while ensuring scalability to allow you to grow


We pride ourselves on vetting the latest and greatest tech to ensure you stay on the cutting edge and are always on the side of innovation


We consistently measure our performance against timelines and quality. We truly believe that if you can deliver a service in an efficient manner, it only improves the overall experience and allows you to remain dynamic


Our clients range from small to global entities, and with this, we can ensure that no matter the size of the project, it remains adaptable to your growth

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